Trained engineers are available to install most makes and sizes of AIR COMPRESSOR along with PIPEWORK and AIRLINE ACCESSORIES.

Air Fittings and accessories are available 24 HOURS if need be, as is our BREAKDOWN SERVICE.

Installation design can be arranged to your bespoke needs ensuring your PNEUMATICS INSTALLATION and associated equipment offers you the most efficient installation.
You need only ask.

Compressed Air Treatment

Good quality air is the mainstay for efficient air compressor installations. Installations without a means of filtering compressed air supplies can seriously damage equipment using that air.

From a simply filter to help remove moisture created in the compression process, to a complete filtration and dryer installation, nothing is beyond our scope of ensuring you have the best quality air for your budget, or your engineering process.

A simple FREE INSPECTION of your installation could help to lengthen the life of all your AIR POWERED EQUIPMENT.

Please CALL for a quote.

Service & Overhaul

From a SIMPLE ANNUAL COMPRESSOR SERVICE to a COMPLETE COMPRESSOR OVERHAUL, our Trained Service Engineers can cope with your requirements. A Standard annual service on a RECIPROCATING PISTON COMPRESSOR ranges from just £75 (+vat).

Annual Service on a Rotary Vane Compressor or Screw Compressor start at £125 labour, the balance depending on the quality or service you require, the period of the service, and many other aspects too numerous to include in this text.

Use our CONTACT page to ask for a free site visit and quote to ensure we can provide your precise compressor engineering cover.


Hand Tools

Dealing with most of our major HAND TOOL suppliers since 1982 we have a great trading relationship that has grown over the years.

ENGINEERS HAND TOOLS with a conditional LIFETIME GUARANTEE ensures you can buy with confidence.

Air Power and Electric Power tools limited warrantee can be covered by our workshops, or if need be by our suppliers giving a fast turn round thereby helping to reduce production down time.

We can often collect and deliver. Just CONTACT us to enquire.

Power Tools

Air Power Tools, Air Power Tool accessories and Equipment are available from a large selection of suppliers we have dealt with for over 30 years.

We can often direct you to our mains suppliers where you can shop direct and take great deals. We will still cover any warranty on your behalf. Buy with confidence from a supplier that has been in the market for well over 30 years, and growing stronger.


Most Engineering processes and Engineering Equipment need some form of accessories. Here at AIREPAIR, both in Dorset at our Poole Office or around the North West London area in our Denham Workshop, carry a large variety of COMPRESSED AIR FITTINGS, COMPRESSED AIR ACCESSORIES, PNEUMATIC PIPE WORK, FLEXIBLE HOSES, END FITTINGS, WALL FITTINGS, Airline Accessories and Air Powered equipment, Hand Tools, Hand Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories.

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